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I was born and raised in London. After receiving a Fine Art BA (honors)  from Central St. Martins, London, I moved  to Los Angeles in California. I am currently a mum and relish my love of painting.​

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The Day After Tomorrow  8x10 bernays.jpg


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The West While Were Young Bernys 20x16 2021.jpg
little puppy dude 16x12 bernays 2021.jpg
our afternoon 16x12 bernays.jpg
the overseeers bernays 12x16 2021.jpg
the wolf in his ear 12x16 bernays 2021.jpg
the sand monster bernays 12x16 2021.jpg
is it my turn 12x16 bernays 2021.jpg
Sea Voager bernays 11x14 2021.jpg
Taming Time
eurus the east bernays 20x16 2021.jpg
fire dragon 16x20 bernays 2021.jpg
The Patriot bernays 11x14.jpg
on the fence 16x20 bernays.jpg
Mother 16x20 bernays 2020.jpg
war 16x20 bernays.jpg
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Amy Bernays


Foundation, Chelsea School of Fine Art, London 1997-98

Fine Art BA Honors, Central St Martins, London 1998 -2001

Post Graduate Diploma in Painting, Dali School at CSM, London 2006


The Art of Healing, City of Santa Clarita, 2022

Art in Embassies, Equatorial Guinea 2020- (Amelia Bernays Pitti)

Chop Chop salon, Los Angeles January 2020 

Shifting Narratives, LA Mayors offices and Mount St Mary’s University,


Open I Art Space, 


Art for Youth, The Royal College of Art, London, 2010

Project Ethos, Hollywood, 2010

Cannibal Flower, Los Angeles, 2010

Create fixate, Broken, Downtown Los Angeles, July 2009

Affordable Art Fair, London 2007 - 2009

Ideal Home Show, London 2006 - 2009

Art for Youth, The Mall Gallery, London, October 2009, 2008

Centered on the Center, Huntingdon Beach Art Center, Orange County, California 2008

BA (Honors) Degree Show, Central St Martins College, 2001

Exhibit 99, Annual showcase of fine art from all London Institute colleges, 1999

Art in Embassies, Equatorial Guinea 2020- (Amelia Bernays Pitti)

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"Art is a line around your thoughts"

Gustav Klimt

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these are the paintings I have been doing with the children.

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water dance 12x16 bernays.jpg
that summer 8x10 bernays.JPG
hollywood stag 16x20 bernays 2021.JPG
hollywood doe 16x20 bernays 2021 .JPG
sand gallop 20x16 bernays ig.jpg
salt dancers 20x16 bernays ig.jpg
sand posse 20x16 bernays ig.jpg
kern valley entrance 20x16 bernays 2021.jpg
kern valley lake 12x16 bernays 2021 .jpg
kern valley river bernays 16x20 2021.jpg
Run! 16x20 bernays.JPG
mount baldy with horse 50x40cm.jpg
yellow boat three 36x48 bernays.jpg
platos plateau bernays 16x20.jpg
the director.jpg
the boom man and the buffalo 24x18.jpg
his affairs 8x10 bernays.jpg
the power players 8x10bernays sm.jpg
stardust 14x8.jpg
two drink minimum .jpg
the graduate 6x9 sm.jpg
eth stardust levels 15x24.jpg
the country side bernays 8x10.jpg
the blue house 48x24.jpg
The End 24x48x2.jpg
the feel of wine 12x8 bernays.JPG
Play House 16x20 bernays.jpg
Our House bernays 20x16.jpg
The Birds Line 48x18 bernays.jpg
birdsong 30 p 75x12 bernays .JPG
my pink LA House 16x14.jpg
Blue Picnic 30x24.jpg
ventura tree 24x36.jpg
Freeways of Glendale 24x36.jpg
The Run Too 36x48x2 bernays 2021.JPG
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