“I paint because I have to. I wake up thinking in color and gesture and lines wriggle up my spine. I am now a mother, a washer of dirty hands and smiling faces, a cooker of kale chips and preparer of pack lunches. But that need persists. My current work is in collaboration with my children. I start my work with colored grounds, colored pens and crafting intentions and I ask my children to draw. They do not draw what I expect them to. Such is life, I work with images that I like to ruminate on, images about how to parent, how to play, what can I learn from my children, what I should teach them, how can I love them more. Somehow in the mix of the studio; a painting is born”

The Day After Tomorrow  8x10 bernays.jpg


Taming Time
The Patriot bernays 11x14.jpg
on the fence 16x20 bernays.jpg
rules and regulations 20x16 bernays 2019
Th Nest 16x20 bernays.jpg
Play House 16x20 bernays.jpg
yellow boat three 36x48 bernays.jpg
Fear of Flying 16x20 bernays.jpg


Amy Bernays

I am from London. I have a Fine Art BA honors from a Central St Martins in London.  I moved to the US in 2001. I ran Sunset Ranch, a horse riding barn under the Hollywood sign for 4 years. I went back to London in 2005-07. I did a post grad in Painting. I came back to LA and worked for an animal training company, acting as an agent for animals for the film and TV industry. Then got lucky in Realestate. I got married and had kids (yay!), got divorced (Boo!) and remarried (Yay! again).  I am currently a mum, a award winning Super Host on Airbnb; and just starting to exhibit my paintings again. 


Foundation, Chelsea School of Fine Art, London 1997-98

Fine Art BA Honors, Central St Martins, London 1998 -2001

Post Graduate Diploma, Dali school at CSM, London 2006

Awards & Distinctions:

shortlisted Mercury Art Award 2006

Professional/Teaching Experience:

Airbnb Experiances


Chop Chop salon, Los Angeles January 2020 

Shifting Narratives, LA Mayors offices and Mount St Mary’s University,


Open I Art Space, 


My children where born 2010 & 2012

Art for Youth, The Royal College of Art, London, 2010

Project Ethos, Hollywood, 2010

Cannibal Flower, Los Angeles, 2010

Create fixate, Broken, Downtown Los Angeles, July 2009

Affordable Art Fair, London 2007 - 2009

Ideal Home Show, London 2006 - 2009

Art for Youth, The Mall Gallery, London, October 2009, 2008

Centered on the Center, Huntingdon Beach Art Center, Orange County, California 2008

BA (Honors) Degree Show, Central St Martins College, 2001

Exhibit 99, Annual showcase of fine art from all London Institute colleges, 1999


"The great artist is the simplifier"

Vincent Van Gogh





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these are the paintings I have been doing with the children.



Run! 16x20 bernays.JPG
yellow boat three 36x48 bernays.jpg
the country side bernays 8x10.jpg
platos plateau bernays 16x20.jpg
the feel of wine 12x8 bernays.JPG
Play House 16x20 bernays.jpg
Our House bernays 20x16.jpg
birdsong 30 p 75x12 bernays .JPG
his affairs 8x10 bernays.jpg
the power players 8x10bernays sm.jpg
the graduate 6x9 sm.jpg
stardust 14x8.jpg
two drink minimum .jpg
eth stardust levels 15x24.jpg
The Ball Game 12x14 oil on canvas board
the blue house 48x24.jpg
The End 24x48x2.jpg
The Birds Line 48x18 bernays.jpg
Blue Picnic 30x24.jpg
my pink LA House 16x14.jpg
Freeways of Glendale 24x36.jpg

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The Day After Tomorrow  8x10 bernays.jpg

This is a painting of a memory. The idea is that the boy looks at the girl, and that is somehow related to the couple at the end of the path. The stylized muted colors remind me of the hot and the dust and the dry of the past or as the name suggests, their future.

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